Monday, October 27, 2014

Evelyn Knapp “Run to Remember”, November 23, 2014

"On November 21, 2010, we accomplished a goal that had been haunting us for sometime. Strength for Life held its inaugural run - due to the success of the SkyDive fundraiser we had the courage to take the plunge. 
Given a budget of nearly $9000 we started our uphill battle and we won! 
325 registered by Nov 19 and 180 on the day of the race. 
Strength for Life netted about $8500.”

This is to invite you to take part in our 5th Annual "Run to Remember"and our 3rd Annual 3K Wellness Walk to be held at Sunken Meadow State Park on Sunday, November 23, 2014. Along with the Kids Fun Run we have something ‘active’   for the whole family.

Last year, through ‘record breaking’ cold and wind gusts of 50 mph we achieved ‘record breaking’ proceeds for our programs, netting over $20,000.  On the day of race, 99 individuals woke up and came out to register and support us regardless of the frigid temps bringing the total to over 600 registered participants.

In 2013 with the support of individuals, like you, Strength for Life was able to host over 160 cancer survivors to attend our FREE exercise classes and wellness retreats. Many of the testimonials on Great NonProfits describe their experience with Strength for Life as “life-changing”, “powerful” and “nurturing”.  Since our inception in 2007 we have helped over 1000 cancer survivors learn tools to achieve optimal wellness.

This year Strength for Life became a full beneficiary of the LI2Day Walk for Breastand Other Women’s Cancers, received a grant from Frank J. Antun Foundation, Allstate and the Island Outreach Foundation; held our First Annual “Zumbathon"; our Third Recognition dinner honoring 3 incredible survivors who emanate our motto to “Inspire, Strengthen and Empower,” and we presented Our First “Evelyn Knapp Benevolence Award"; lastly in October we were beneficiaries of three incredible fundraisers. With this success we have been able to add  classes in Hampton Bays, and planned are classes in Huntington and Brookhaven in early 2015. 

Our success on the day depends your attendance and support. Of course, there are a range of sponsorship opportunities available from race day shirts to “in-kind donations", and your help is appreciated.

Please consider joining us for this 5th annual event and helping Strength for Life continue on the mission of assisting cancer survivors to  “feel their absolute best” and reduce their risk of recurrence.

Register now through Active , or visit our website to download application.

Thank you!!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Three Athletes Running to Benefit Strength for Life...

We have three athletes running in support of Strength for Life

Thank You Desiree, Jason and Courtney!!!!

Support Desiree as she runs the NYC MARATHON
to support Strength for Life!
Click HERE to donate via 
On November 2nd I will be running the ING NYC Marathon! Help me support a wonderful cause, Strength for Life! This is my third fundraising effort for the cause and every donation helps make a BIG difference in someone's treatment and/or recovery. Strength for Life is community exercise program in which persons with a cancer diagnosis participate in group classes designed to enhance their recovery process. Services provided will include educating cancer patients and the general public on the benefits of exercise in reducing the risk of certain cancers and improving functional activities.

Support Jason as he runs his first FULL PHILLY MARATHON 
to support Strength for Life!

Click HERE to donate via 

I am running my first full marathon and raising money to support Strength for Life, a non profit organization providing exercise classes and weekend wellness retreats to cancer patients and survivors at NO COST. This cause is very special to me as my mother is a breast cancer survivor and "climbed out of the pit" through exercise. Please help me hit my fundraising goal! 

Support Courtney as she runs her first FULL HAWAIIAN MARATHON
to support Strength for Life!

Click HERE to donate via 

I’m taking part in the Honolulu Marathon on December 14th to raise money that will be used to support Strength For Life which is an organization dedicated to raising awareness about the tremendous benefits of exercise to cancer patients and survivors. Strength for Life was founded in 2007 in memory of Evelyn Knapp, co-founder of the Personal Training Institute (PTI), who lost her courageous battle with breast cancer and who had a passion for exercise and made it a priority to continue exercising throughout her chemotherapy treatments. I started working at the Personal Training Institute in high school and it introduced me to the benefits of exercise and proper nutrition and I also had the pleasure of meeting Evelyn Knapp on numerous occasions. Her dedication and motivation helped inspire countless individuals to engage in a healthier lifestyle, including myself. Strength for Life provides exercise classes and wellness retreats at no cost to cancer patients and survivors. 

Your donation will help improve the quality of life for individuals diagnosed with cancer by providing safe and effective exercise programs free of charge. Classes are designed to enhance the recovery process and also educate cancer patients and the general public on cancer prevention strategies through exercise and nutrition. These programs help cancer patients regain their strength both physically and emotionally. Co-founders Jacqui Errico and Debbie Hughes, who I also had the pleasure of working with, are passionate about this cause and their dedication to helping others through exercise is inspiring. This will be my first Marathon and I’m hoping you will help support me and my goal to raise $4,000 for this tremendous charity!


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Monday, October 20, 2014

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Contributes to Strength for Life

As a beneficiary of all the attention given to breast cancer awareness month – we are grateful for all the support. Although Strength for Life is open to any adult survivor regardless of age, gender or cancer diagnosis – the response in October was overwhelming.

Three separate fundraisers brought in over $23000 which is monumental for a small grassroots organization like ours.

Fun and laughter at Aunt Barbara’s Tupperware Event – this is by no means your ‘run of the mill’ Tupperware party.  Relish Restaurant of  Kings Park hosted the fun-filled evening and $1500+ were the net proceeds for Strength for Life.  Kudos to Aunt Barbara and all our guests, videos and stories shared on our FaceBoook page showed just how much fun shopping for Tupperware can be.

On October 11th, Barbara Larrea of World Gym Wantagh orchestrated “Spin for Strength” suggesting each rider honor a friend or relative by raising a minimum of $300 for a two hour epic ride. The 40 spin bikes at World Gym Wantagh sold out, and the donations came flooding in.  World Gym rented another 15 bikes and they promptly sold out. Live percussionists and a video montage of the honorees advanced the powerful and emotional atmosphere of this event. 

The response before, during and after was overwhelming…over $20,000 was raised by the efforts and enormous energy put into play by Barbara Larrea. We were speechless when she handed over $14000 in cash and checks on top of the $6000+ coming through our website. Kudos to all the sponsors, riders and World Gym Wantagh for hosting this incredible gift to us.

Fitness Plus of Port Jefferson Station hosted a Spin-a-thon under the suggestion and guidance of Deanna Manzon on October 18th.  Riders were asked for a $10 contribution per hour for a 4 hour span of spinning.  One strong and crazy ‘over achiever” lasted the complete 4 hours – Kudos Michelle! The 19 bikes were filled for many of the sessions, raffles and hand painted wine glasses (‘I love to Spin” or Cancer Awareness Ribbons) thanks to Kiki netted Strength for Life $1650+.  Thank you again to all the riders and instructors Deanna, Kiki and Danielle.

To put this in perspective for a small grassroots organization – these funds can easily pay for 3 wellness retreats, hosting 20 survivors for an overnight stay and nourishment of mind, body and spirit through the classes and presentation and camaraderie of the event… AND equipment for 300 new survivors to attend our classes.  Strength for Life offers FREE exercise classes at various locations on LI and provides the equipment so the ‘thriver’ can continue their exercise prescription at home.

Information on our class schedule and retreats can be found on our website,  
New locations are continually added to make it as accessible as possible for survivors to commit to an exercise program. 

Strength for Life classes are held by Cancer Certified Exercise Specialists and the classes can be safely added to the treatment and recovery plan with clearance from the individual’s medical team. In 2010 the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) updated it’s guidelines for cancer patients to “AVOID INACTIVITY” and our mission is to provide these classes and retreats at no cost.  These fundraisers, and your donations, make this possible.

Thank you to each and everyone who supported these events in anyway – we are forever grateful!

Our 5th Annual “Run to Remember” will be held on 11/23/14 at Sunken Meadow State Park where there will be something active for the whole family – a Kid’s Fun Run, 5K Challenging Trail Run, 3K Wellness Walk on the Boardwalk…please consider joining us.

Donations are always welcomed – you can donate via PayPal, NYCharities, Cash, Check or Money Order mailed to 902 Constance Lane, Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776.  

Thank you!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Spin for Strength, October 11th at World Gym Wantagh

Strength for Life would like to thank Barbara Larrea and the World Gym Wantagh for organizing “Spin for Strength” to be held 10/11/14 from 8:30 – 10:30 am, an epic two hour event with participants invited to ride in honor of a cancer warrior. Enormous effort was put forth by Ms. Larrea to organize this event which will include live percussionists, dancers, food, prizes and raffles all in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month.
Each rider was asked to fundraise $300 for the event and the contributions received will help Strength for Life continue on the mission of providing FREE exercise classes and wellness weekends to people living with cancer and survivors. Since our inception in 2007 we have helped over 1000 cancer patients/survivors feel their absolute best!
Strength for Life was formed in memory of Evelyn Knapp, an exercise physiologist, who lost her battle with breast cancer in 2005. After Evelyn’s diagnosis, she continued to exercise saying it gave her a feeling of control in an uncontrollable situation. Aside from the psychological benefits of exercising during treatment, studies have shown that there are many physiological benefits as well. The newest ACSM guidelines suggest that patients who exercise through treatment have up to a 50% increase in survival rate.
Many survivors are initially intimidated to go back into the gym environment, our intent is to empower them to embrace the "new normal" and feel confident enough to go back to their previous activities. Learning of the astronomical co pays of a cancer diagnosis and how it can make it financially difficult for many to work with a personal trainer Strength for Life has found this solution. We have tried to eliminate all the barriers – travel, equipment, cost and qualified cancer exercise specialists.

It is awesome that the Fitness Industry through World Gym Wantagh supports our non-profit and we are grateful for their decision to select Strength for Life for this event.

Ms. Larrea has sold out the gym’s 40 spin bikes and has now rented an additional 15 so please reach out and ride with us. Contact Barbara at

Rose-Ann's Strength for Life Challenge

Rose-Ann's Strength for Life Challenge

I, Rose-Ann Karasavas, am a cancer survivor of over 4 years
for which I thank God every day for bringing me through.

Rose-Ann Margiotta-Karasavas

I belong to Strength for Life which has given me so much  strength back to my body. It is very difficult to regain strength and rebuild your body again and exercise 
amazingly helps to do that. 

This group offers classes and equipment given to you (male or female with any type of cancer) at no cost. They also offer wellness weekends also free of charge.   They must rely on donations.  I therefore want to challenge my family and friends and for them to challenge their family and friends and so on to help get donations so needed for this cause.

I have chosen to perform a Tambourine routine today which has also been instrumental in building strength as it is exercise as well as praise and worship to God.

 Tuesday, September 30th 10:30 am
Brooklyn Bagels & Cafe
379 Route 25A, Rocky Point

The challenge is to be performed in a public place, alone or with some help,
to sing a song, or do a dance or play a musical instrument and
when complete send $10 to “Strength for Life” 
 902 Constance Lane, Port Jefferson, NY  11776.

So these classes can be offered to many more and we can get our lives back to 
healthy and strong.

If you are a cancer survivor call Jacqueline Errico @ 631-675-6513 
to find classes nearest you.

Please help Strength for Life to help others.

I offer this as praise and worship to God.

I thank God for my Christian family who are helping me today with the routine.

Thank you.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Shouting from the Rooftops, local nonprofit, Strength for Life receives $20000

Shouting from the Rooftops, local nonprofit, Strength for Life receives $20000

Buried in with the ‘day to day’ junk mail and mixed with bills, laid this envelope.

Oh, I remember we applied for a grant some six months ago…it was a thin envelope , one sheet – another denial?

I opened it and nearly fainted.

A $20000 check, in support of Strength for Life, to advance our work.

As you can well imagine this is not an ordinary event for our small nonprofit.  We work hard to at what we do best – train cancer patients/survivors to regain range of motion, strength and endurance. The ancillary parts of running a nonprofit are not our forte – like grant writing. There is an art to that.  For Strength for Life to be honored by The Island Outreach Foundation  is a true blessing.

Since 2007, when Strength for Life was officially formed, we have helped over 1000 cancer patients and survivors regain their “strength for life”. We hold classes at Stony Brook Cancer Center, Winthrop University, Mather Hospital, STARS Rehab (part of NSLIJ), Long Island Cancer Wellness Center, and our newest locations at the Southampton Hospital, the Dolan Family Center and the Commack JCC.  We have reached out to Peconic and Brookhaven and this grant gives us the confidence we can support all these endeavors and then some.

Strength for Life is very active with support groups throughout Long Island and we are on the advisory committee for the Suffolk County Cancer Awareness Task Force.  In addition, we were voted 2013 LIWA (Long Island Women’s Agenda) Organization of the Year and we are proud to share that Strength for Life has a 5’ star rating on “Great Non Profits” with comments from our clients stating they had a “life changing”, “powerful” and “nurturing” experience.

We will be hosting our 13th Wellness Retreat next weekend at the Hyatt Windwatch in Hauppauge, offering 20 new cancer patients/survivors an overnight escape from their daily responsibilities and renewal of mind, body and spirit offered by our array of classes.  They will be introduced to many complementary therapies including Yoga, Reiki, Meditation, Sound and Energy Healing and Feng Shui. We always say we may bring them together but they are what make the magic happen – the camaraderie at these retreats is ‘priceless.”

Since we are a small grassroots nonprofit, relying heavily on our fundraising events, this very generous grant from the Island Outreach Foundation will help fund our future retreats, our extended classes and the equipment we provide to each survivor so they may continue their exercise prescription at home.

Please visit our website at to learn more about our classes and retreats and read the testimonials provided on Great Non Profits.